About Baby in Belly-How we got here

BABY IN BELLY has been a dream of mine since 2004 when I was pregnant with my son. I was working in a fast paced sales environment that had me driving 5 days a week. As my belly grew bigger and the realization that there was a fragile life growing inside of me, I noticed how increasingly nervous I was when driving.  Unsuspecting drivers cut me off; drove too close and/or nearly ran me off the road on a weekly basis. I realized that these reckless drivers on the road could only see my face and not this HUGE belly that was growing every day. I constantly yelled, "If you only knew I was pregnant, maybe you'd drive a little more safe around me!" (ok, maybe I didn't yell it QUITE like that or those choice of words....) But, I DID say it so many times that I actually thought I had a good idea. 

Thankfully, I made it out unscathed and so did my son! 


BABY IN BELLY took me TEN YEARS to trademark!!!! The countless hours trying to learn about trademark law and product marketing eventually came to fruition all in hopes to help other expectant mothers feel safe while in their vehicle. I'm humbled to think anyone else finds the value in these safety magnets & window stickers. I'm so proud that the idea evolved into a tangible product but even more so that they are MADE IN THE USA!



BABY IN BELLY window cling and magnet make a great baby shower gift and are also so cute for gender reveal photos. The BABY IN BELLY magnets are available in Pink, Blue and Yellow.


The BABY IN BELLY window cling is only available in Yellow.

I have NOT forgotten about the mommas-to-be that are having twins, triplets or even MORE! 

BABIES IN BELLY magnets and window clings exist in Yellow.


Thank you for helping make my dream come true!

These make wonderful baby shower gift additions, pregnancy announcements and can also guide paramedics if there's ever an unfortunate accident. Envelopes are unmarked in case this is a secret ;-)



Deanna and Tre

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