BABIES in Belly® car window STICKER for pregnant driver of twins, triplets or multiples

  • $ 6.99

The BABIES IN BELLY® Car Safety window cling is High Quality weather resistant window sticker for pregnant drivers. This is a 5" x 5" heart shaped vinyl cling that helps pregnant drivers notify others that there is precious cargo in their belly and to drive with caution.  Great as a baby shower gift or creative pregnancy announcement for your twins, triplets, or multiples. Baby bump sticker for your car. Don't for get a second cling for your partners car!

Weatherproof window sticker made from vinyl saying BABIES IN BELLY®.  Are you pregnant with multiples? Not all bumpers are magnetic; this is YOUR option! Available only in Yellow. Twins? Triplets? Multiples? Great gift for IVF success. Cute present for successful in vitro fertilization success. Made in the USA